Behind the Genius

We are photographers, moms and entrepreneurs! We have a combined experience in the photography industry of over 40 years! 

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In January of 2015 we had had enough! We decided to solve the problem that we, along with so many other newborn photographers, wrestled with on a regular basis: wrapping and swaddling a newborn!

After several months of research and development we launch The Simple Swaddler in January 2016! We set out to solved one problem, but have found success in solving soooo many more! Since our launch The Simple Swaddler community has grown and become a creature of its own!   Not only did The Simple Swaddler solve many of the common problems of photographing newborns , it has built a community of like minded individuals who live by the mantra "Community over Competition".

Our goal has always been and remains to be to support each other,  share our knowledge and solve common problems we all face! And we are so excited to see how a bit of support and The Simple Swaddler rocks your world!

Here's to content babies, beautiful wraps and happy photographers!