9.The Art of Pretty Croshitty
The Simple Swaddler

9.The Art of Pretty Croshitty

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Challenge yourself and learn how to rock the "Croshit" in your sessions with The Simple Swaddler Gals in this inspiring 30 minute video tutorial and bonus editing videos!


Crocheted items have been known in the photography industry to be difficult to work with. They are often ill fitting and uncomfortable to delicate newborn skin. In no way, shape or form is this video intended to criticize, shame or devalue those who crochet or love crocheted items. We fully support professional crocheters and hope our tutorial will encourage photographers to embrace crocheted items in their sessions as well as give said crocheters tips on what photographers are looking for and how they create items which are more desirable in the industry. 

Thank you for watching we hope you enjoy it!


K & J

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