Have you had the product reviewed by a pediatrician?

Yes! The first newborn we tested The Simple Swaddler on was a Pediatrician's. In fact the answers to many of the following questions come directly from her.

Will The Simple Swaddler cause overheating?

The fabric is mesh, and not likely to cause overheating.  If a baby were to become too warm, they'd likely get fussy, just like they do at home in varying clothing and temperatures.  Fussy baby=not working.

Will it cause hip displasia or other injuries to hips?

It cannot cause hip dysplasia.  Either a baby HAS hip dysplasia or not.  The length of wear is short, so it's not going to hold the hips in a way that would hold them in a dislocated position for long SHOULD the baby have dysplasia and be"dislocatable." The concern with swaddling overall is that it holds the hips in a straight rather than bent position - The Simple Swaddler, if used properly shouldn't do that - babies hips are meant to be positioned flexed/bent.  The Swaddler should be snug - like when a baby is placed in a carrier, snug but not immobile or unable to move if a position is uncomfortable.  The baby should be able to wiggle a bit and adjust.  But keep in mind newborns are very flexible - they were just wedged inside a uterus for 9 months.  

Is there a time limit baby should stay in the Swaddler?

With The Simple Swaddler Posing Method, baby is not in any one position for too long, so he should be just fine for the whole session. But if a baby is fussy, or not tolerating the Swaddler, take it off no matter how much time they've been in it.  Treat a baby as you'd treat any other person being photographed - if they are uncomfortable adjust the positioning, environment or change the idea altogether. 

What if I want to use newborn outfits like pants and rompers?  

The Simple Swaddler is intended to go under your wraps, but if you have an outfit that covers the torso, it can be used with the Swaddler as it is not bulky at all.  Also, leaving it on for these shots allows you to quickly re-swaddle baby after the pose, keeping them comfortable, calm and content.

Is it breathable? 

Yes! The Simple Swaddler is lightweight and breathable.  It will keep baby covered, but not too warm.

Is it Machine Washable?  

Hand-washing and air-drying is recommended, but machine washing delicate and drying on low will not effect the integrity of The Simple Swaddler. And with the diaper on the entire session, you won't need to wash it as often!

What size of babies does it work for?  

We have 3 sizes available to you. Preemie fits under 6lbs, Regular is for 6-10lbs and Tween is for over 10lbs. 

Can I order the Swaddler by itself?

Unfortunately at this time we are not offering The Simple Swaddler by itself.  We have tested it on many babies and done the work for you to discover the most effective way to use the Swaddler.  We have found the Tutorial and Workflow to be essential to getting the full benefit of The Simple Swaddler.  We promise you won't be sorry!

Can I order more that one for multiples?

Yes! We have created a twin and triplet packages just for that reason! Most newborn photographers prefer to own more than one. 

What poses can I do with it?

So many! It is not just great for wrapped poses, but can be used with almost all of the most common newborn poses. Even the 'Taco' and the 'Froggie'!  We have created a posing workflow guide which comes with The Simple Swaddler package showing you which poses work best and how to transition from one to the next while keeping baby most comfortable and content.

Does it disturb baby when taken off for nakey poses?

Not at all! It slides off like butter and helps soothe baby into a deep sleep so you can do the nakey poses at the end of The Simple Swaddler workflow.