What color is YOUR nude?

The Simple Swaddler

As an interpreter by day, being culturally sensitive is literally a part of my job description.  So why did it take us three years to realize that even though The Simple Swaddler is an under-layer, matching skin tones goes much deeper than what meets the eye.

Okay, so we are going forward with this concept.  What to call it?  Let's start with what other things are called.  I did a search of make-up foundations.  I started with nude.  They were all light pink.  For the first time in 46 years I realized how ridiculous that was.  I have a friend, she has a nude, it is NOT pink.  I have a nude, it's Savage White #50.  We all have a nude, so call that shade something else.  Seriously.  It's 2019.  One of the gals in our Support Group mentioned having a hard time finding brown band-aids or ace-bandages...  and my mind was just blown over and over.  This concept, I'm embarrassed to say, is something I have never thought about!  I come from a long line of diversity, so I barely even SEE color, gender etc...  love is love and all colors are beautiful.  And from this love, the name came to be.  NUDE. 

I'm excited to announce that two items in our store now come in NUDE.  The Simple Swaddler and our diaper cover, SHARTS.  Now, when you go to check out you can select what shade of NUDE you'd like...  LIGHT or BROWN. 

And both options are beautiful. 


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